Workshop on Structural Change

Manchester Metropolitan University, May 20-21 1996

This workshop was funded out of a grant under the European Commission's Human Capital and Mobility programme via the University of Rome (Tor Vergata) to Mike Artis and Scott Moss. The project title is "Endogenous Growth, Technological Change and Regional Interaction". Issues of structural change could hardly be more important in this context.

 The papers listed below were presented by their authors at the workshop. The final substantive session considered possible collaborations and a possible application for funding for another HCM network to bring together a variety of disciplines with perspectives on issues of structural change.

 A brief report of the possibilities for collaborative research programmes arising from the workshop (including a couple of pilot research projects to support an application for an HCM network) have been circulated to the mod-struct-chang email list and is archived on the associated Web page.

 Workshop participants have (with their agreement) been automatically subscribed to the list. If anyone else wants to subscribe, they should email Scott Moss at or Bruce Edmonds at

 Once subscribed, contributions to the list are made by email to


The following papers were submitted electronically:
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