Call for Papers for Special Issue in Ecological Complexity on Agent-based Models for Resilience

This is a call for paper contributions to a Special Issue in Ecological Complexity on the development and application of Agent-based and Individual-based Models for studying the resilience of Socioecological Systems (SESs), as well as methodologies to analyse the resilience properties of these models.

SESs affect and are affected by people. Many SESs provide valuable services to mankind, but are also in danger from increasing anthropogenic pressures. This holds for fisheries, lake systems, rangelands, shrimp farming systems, and many more systems. To safeguard the continued provision of services from these systems a relevant issue is whether they are resilient or not to these pressures. What makes up the resilience of SESs? What is the role of humans in this? Human agents are capable of foresights and strategic thinking, they can be pro-social or anti-social, they are social beings affected by culture and history, possibly leading to hypes and groupthink. In what ways can the behaviour of these agents contribute to the resilience of SESs, or undermine it?

To address these questions, operational concepts and methodologies are needed to describe SESs and their resilience. An important tool is provided by Agent-based Models, which allow for the multi-scale description of behavioural rules of human agents as well as of human-environment interactions at a desired complexity. ABMs can be used for social simulation, in which the effects of different agent behaviours on resilience can be studied. Proper social simulation also requires advanced (statistical) methodologies like sensitivity analysis to analyse the simulation results.

For this Special Issue we invite authors to submit manuscripts on the following subjects:

  • Operational concepts to describe resilience in SESs, preferably within the context of behavioural
    rules of human agents, in particular in terms of Agent-based Models;
  • Agent-based (Individual-based) Models of SESs with an environmental application in which
    resilience is studied;
  • Statistical and mathematical methodologies to analyse ABMs, in particular with a focus on
    resilience properties, including tipping points.

It is encouraged that authors contact the Guest Editors mentioned below to discuss ideas for a paper.

Contributions to the journal are to be submitted before April 30th, 2017, but preferably earlier.
Submission has to occur through the regular channels of Ecological Complexity. Please select the special paper type for the special issue (a special paper type will be made available in time). ubmissions will undergo normal peer review.

Special Issue Guest Editors

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