MABS2000 @ ICMAS-2000

The Second Workshop on Multi Agent Based Simulation
8th-9th July, 2000
at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel
Boston MA, USA

Accepted papers

Paper title
Robert Axtell Brookings Institution, Washington Effects of Interaction Topology and Activation Regime in Several Multi Agent models
Laurent Breton*, Jean-Daneil Zucker*, Eric Clement** *LIP6; **Université Paris VI A Multi Agent Based Simulation of Sand Piles in a Static Equilibrium"
Nuno David, Jaime Sichman, Helder Coehlo ISCTE/DCTI, Portugal;  University of São Paulo, University of Lisbon Models and Agent Based-Simulation with Coalitions in Social Reasoning
Tom Downing*, Scott Moss** and Claudia Pahl-Worstl*** *Environmental Change Institute, Oxford, **Centre for Policy Modelling ***EAWAG Integrated Assessment: Prospects for Understanding Climate Policy Using Participatory Agent-Based Social Simulation
Paul Davidsson University of Karlskrona/Ronneby Multi Agent Based Simulation of "Socio-technical" Systems
Sameh El hadouaj*, **, Alexis Drogoul**, Stéphane Espié* *INRETS; **LIP6 To combine reactivity and anticipation : the case of conflicts resolution in a simulated road traffic
Charlotte K. Hemelrijk University of Zürich Sexual Attraction And Inter-Sexual Dominance Among Virtual Agents
Eleanna Kafeza, Kamalakar Karlapalem Hong Kong University 
of Science and Technology
Speeding up CapBasED-AMS Activities through Multi-Agent Scheduling
Foster McGeary, Keith Decker University of Delaware Modeling a Virtual Food Court Using DECAF
Emma Norling, Liz Sonenberg, 
Ralph Ronnquist
The University of Melbourne Enhancing Multi-Agent Based Simulation with
Human Decision-Making Strategies
Roberto Pedone, Rosaria Conte IP-CNR  The Simmel Effect: Imitation and Avoidance in Social Hierarchies 
J. Rouchier****, O. Barreteau**, C. Le Page*, J.-L. Bonnefoy***, *F. Bousquet* *Cirad Tera Ere (Montpelier), **Cemagref, ***Université de Provence, ****Centre for 
Policy Modelling
Multi-Agent Modelling and Renewable Resources:
the relevance of shared representations for interacting agents
R. Keith Sawyer Washington University (St. Louis) Simulating Emergence and Downward Causation in Small Groups
Michael Schillo*, Klaus Fischer**, Christof T. Klein* *Saarland University, **DFKI GmbH The Micro-Macro Link in DAI and Sociology
Oswaldo Terán, Bruce Edmonds Centre for Policy Modelling Mapping the Envelope of Social Simulation Trajectories